Muppets: Unemployed!
Big Bird and The Grouch are about to get a Mitt Romney pink slip. Jim Lehrer? Sure. But Big Bird?!
by Aaron

Mitt Romney   Being President is two parts CEO, one part CFO, and one part get-me-a-grilled-cheese-sandwich-whenever-I-want-Paul-Ryan.

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    Mitt Romney Mild cheddar, of course. #WeakIntestine And cooled. #MouthBurnsEasily With a glass of water, no ice. #I'mMormon,Remember?


Mitt Romney   And as the CEO, I'm gonna get the government's giant pad of pink slips. Who's first to go?

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    Big Bird Oh Mitt, how could you?

  • Romney_thumb_40

    Mitt Romney How could I not? PBS is a hot liberal mess and everyone knows it. Fox isn't taking a government hand-out, and it has Seacrest. Never seen him on PBS.

  • Romney_thumb_40

    Mitt Romney You might think EPA ... but I'm going to save that one for when I really need a pick me up. So let's start with an easy one - PBS! Sorry Grouch and Bird, I'm foreclosing on Sesame Street.

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