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… it has created ‘upwards of 80 million impressions on Facebook and Twitter,’ says Jesse Redniss, senior VP of digital for USA Networks. ‘It's nearly impossible to buy that type of exposure.’

… the pay-off takes the form of a narrative arc that crosses platforms as events in the television show sync up with events playing out online, and vice versa. Redniss explains that this flexibility stems from the close involvement of showrunner Aaron Korsh and Hypnotic Films, the show’s production company. This allows the team to work directly with them to craft storylines…not just afterthoughts.

... fanboys can now befriend fictional heroes online.

... it’s even more proof that social TV has real potential as a future storytelling medium. ... [but] social TV can’t really take off until content creators and networks start thinking about the social elements when actually writing the show. Each successive interactive storytelling exercise [from SocialSamba] gets us closer to that point.
... early figures show just how well this sort of campaign works with its audience.

... the game has seen massive success thus far, and it’s only the beginning.

… Storytelling is part of society’s social fabric; and SocialSamba’s storytelling technology is an exciting and unique platform that extends a media company’s reach into the social web. We are very pleased to have SocialSamba be part of the inaugural Media Camp Academy…

.. plans are in the works to bring this kind of treatment to other MTV series, including the scripted Awkward.

... unprecedented interaction and engagement with cast, characters, show creators and other loyal fans extending beyond the on-air boundaries of the original series.

... I think he’s got something pretty interesting here ...