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Kirk has followed @socialsamba

Hey @Kirksteineck, thanks for following! If you could friend any character, who would you friend?

I’d love to friend James Bond!

Oooh, yes! Spies kick ass. We did a story with Norton called Cybergeddon check it out:

Our CEO @_ARW_ will be speaking at #DigitalHollywood on April 29, will you be there?

Yeah, I think so.

Cool! If you want to meet @_ARW_ there, send me “MEETING” in a DM and I’ll help you schedule a meetup. Thanks!

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Our tech platform has served more than 2M stories to fans who spend 10 minutes per visit and return 3 times to stay connected to the characters they love. We have the full suite of tools and services to bring your story to life. Try one of our products below, or shout us out on Twitter.


For Large-scale Professional Storytellers
Extend your TV show or movie by deeply engaging fans with an interactive story, and expanding your social reach to friends-of-fans.


For Brands and Agencies
Create the highly engaging content fans love, and build the pervasive connections to your brand that drive social metrics. It's easy as pie, you can do it right now!


For Any Twitter Account
Every time you get a new Twitter follower, you have an opportunity to engage. In 5 minutes you can create and publish a 5 minute script to talk with every new follower.


For Fan Fiction
This free fan site is the perfect place to write, publish and share your story. Or just come interact with other fan's stories, there's something fresh and interesting in the community every day.

The SocialSamba Platform

We're powered by a distributed and dynamic storytelling engine that responds to timing, user action, and natural language. Our javascript SDK and web services run behind award-winning interactive projects and software across the web. Please contact our CTO,, if you have interest in building with us.

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