Our Executive Team

Aaron Williams     Co-Founder, CEO    

Aaron is a social technology expert, with a passion for innovating and driving social change. He was formerly a start-up CEO at Picotent, where he sold interactive technology into the TV industry. He also built large-scale ecosystems while running the Java Community Process at Sun Microsystems and creating the Enterprise Services Community and Collaboration Workspace as a VP at SAP. Aaron has a MS in Computer Science from CWRU, and he cannot wait to friend Homer Simpson in a future scripted social network from SocialSamba.

Cheryl Opletayev     CTO    

Cheryl is an excitable innovator with a drive for elegant, usable solutions and a penchant for hard problems. She formerly worked at RedBrick Health, where she led implementation of a revolutionary health incentive platform. Cheryl wants to change the way you interact with your world and smash the boundary between human personality and computer technology. She is eager to hang out with the viper pilots on Battlestar Galactica and wants Kerrigan, Andrew Ryan, and Vincent Valentine to call her by name.

Kirk Steineck     Front End Engineer    

Kirk Steineck always knew he was destined for greatness. When his cousin, Matthew "Cuddles" Shilts asked him to come on board, Kirk gave a resounding "yes" and proceeded to learn all about what them darn html tags. Now the criminal mastermind of the group, he spends his time fixing the padding on Cheryl's div tags.